Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas morning

 Waiting to see if Santa came!

 he did!! Caleb got Skylanders for the wii, Cambree got a paint set, Caden got a really cool pirate ship play thing, and Coleman got a little dinosaur toy. Everyone loved it!

 Coleman wasn't quite sure of what was going on, but he liked it!

 Christmas night we had the Dye's over for some yummy food and games. This is Just Dance 3 on the wii!

Such a fun day!!

Christmas Eve

 Writing our letters to Santa. Caleb asked for Skylanders for the wii, Cambree asked for a paint set, and Caden wanted a surprise.

 On Christmas Eve it is tradition to call Grandma and Grandpa Hart and open their gifts and have a little mini Christmas with them. This year we were even able to Skype!!

 This year we went to the Olive Garden for dinner. Yummy!

 Christmas Jammies!

 We did a little nativity, which is always good for a laugh. Landon was the donkey, with leash and all. Cambree was Mary, not quite sure who Caleb and Caden were. But Caden wanted to hold baby Jesus. By the end he was chanting...."look, naked baby Jesus"

 We set out all our cookies for santa, carrots for the reindeer, and their letters. Colemy kept eating the carrots!

 Look at these cute munchkins! What a fun Christmas!!

Gingerbread houses

 It is a Christmas tradition to make gingerbread houses. The kids really look forward to it. It is really one of the only traditions that we did this year. It has been kinda hectic with moving in the new house, and kids being sick. So we kept it simple, but still had a great time!

 Ashley and Ryan were able to come home for Christmas, we were so glad to see them and we already  miss them. Caden keeps telling me that he is flying to Tennessee by himself to go see them.

 My dad got really into the houses this year. He stayed focused for a good long time and there was no stopping him! :)

 Caden's house was attacked by a giant tongue! He kept asking for days when it was time to eat his house!

 Colemy loved hanging out with Ashley. He wanted to join the party too, so Ashley hooked him up!